People with OCD including myself, realize that their seemingly uncontrollable behavior is irrational, but they feel unable to stop it.
— Abhijit Naskar

Karen R Swanay

Licensed in Florida MH #12973 and Tennessee #3877
Masters in Counseling and Psychology from Troy University in 2014 
Behavior Therapy Training Institute I, II, & Advanced plus continuing education from the International OCD Foundation conferences each year.

I care deeply about the people who suffer with OCD and anxiety which is borne from being a sufferer myself.  I know first hand the obsessive intrusive thoughts and the compulsions I rely on to tamp it down, and how in the end, they don't work.  I've dedicated myself to learning all I can about the treatment of OCD and anxiety.  I am a member of the International OCD Foundation and I make it a priority to attend the IOCDF Conference each year as well to continue my education. 

In 2013 I studied and was certified as an Animal Assisted Psychotherapist.  I believe that the human animal bond is a very healing and grounding thing which can be utilized in the therapeutic process to make great strides.  I lost my therapy dog to cancer in 2015 and have not gotten another dog at this time, but I am considering therapy partners.

Before coming to therapy as a career I spent my early years working with animals, both domestic and exotic.  I trained dogs and chickens and kangaroos in a zoo.  It was during these two decades that I learned all about the science of behavior.  And it's that foundation that informs behavior change therapy.

I believe that the counseling relationship should be egalitarian which encourages equality between the therapist and the client. Clients should know that they have the power to change and define themselves and the therapist is only a tool with new insight and information.  

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